A Dozen Reasons to Visit The Twelve Apostles Before You Become the Thirteenth

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed, green with envy at all the beautiful landscapes, wondering where on this wonderful planet Earth you can snap a jaw-dropping picture worthy of breaking your like-o-meter? Wonder no more, dear digital wayfarer! Pack your bags, a sense of adventure (and maybe an extra memory card), because we’re heading Down Under to visit Victoria’s spellbinding coastline, more specifically, to the Twelve Apostles. And no, it’s not a secret society of well-traveled penguins, although that would be equally amazing.

Tucked away along the stunning Great Ocean Road, the Twelve Apostles are not apostles at all. In fact, these towering limestone stacks, majestically protruding from the Southern Ocean, are more like nature’s skyscrapers – if Mother Nature had a thing for dramatic oceanfront properties. Despite their name, there were never twelve of them to begin with; nature’s harsh rental market saw to that. But let’s not get hung up on numbers. The sheer grandeur and aura of the place have a way of making you forget how to count, especially when you’re trying to snap that perfect selfie with the sun dipping below the horizon.

Now, before you add ‘professional apostle counter’ to your resume, let’s talk logistics. The best times to visit are at sunrise or sunset when the light paints everything in hues of gold and the shadows play tricks on the eyes. The site is a photographer’s dream, but even if the most advanced camera you own is your mind’s eye, the view will imprint itself into your memory with the elegance of a master painter.

For the adventurers among us, why stop at mere observation? Get those legs moving and take a helicopter ride to see the apostles from a bird’s eye view, dive into the ocean for a shipwreck scuba adventure, or lace up your hiking boots and tackle the Great Ocean Walk. Nature’s mood swings along this coast mean you might witness the serene beauty of a calm sea or the raw power of the ocean during a storm, each spectacle more breathtaking than the last.

A visit to the Twelve Apostles is more than just a tick off your bucket list; it’s an encounter with the formidable force of nature. Each of the limestone stacks stands as a testament to the power of the ocean, sculpted over millions of years, reminding us of the temporal nature of everything, including us.

So there you have it, a dozen reasons why the Twelve Apostles should be at the top of your travel itinerary. Just remember, in the fight between rocks and ocean, it’s always a cliffhanger. Make sure to visit before Mother Nature decides it’s time for a renovation. And who knows? With the way things are going, by the time you visit, you might just become the unofficial Thirteenth Apostle. Just don’t expect an engraved invitation.