Chasing Tulips & Mist: An Early Bird’s Guide to Dutch Magic

It’s said that the early bird catches the worm, but in my case, I caught something far more breathtaking – the tulips of the Netherlands, veiled in the early morning mist. Yes, my dearest wanderlusters, this week, I dragged myself out of bed at an ungodly hour (because who in their right mind voluntarily wakes up at 5AM?), all to chase down those ever-elusive, mist-kissed tulips. And oh, was it worth it. Here’s the lowdown on the magical spectacle that awaited me, and how you, too, can experience this marvel without selling your soul to the alarm clock gods.

First things first, let’s talk tulips. These aren’t your garden-variety tulips that pop up in grandma’s garden every spring. Nope, we’re talking about fields and fields of vibrant blooms that look like something out of a technicolor dreamworld. The Netherlands, in case you’ve been living under a rock with no wifi, is THE place for tulip mania, with the best shows starting from mid-April to the first week of May.

Now, onto the mist. If you’re picturing a light dusting of fairy dust, you’re not too far off. The morning mist in these parts is like nature’s own Instagram filter, adding a layer of mystery and enchantment to the already stunning scenery. And the best part? This misty makeover happens only at dawn. Hence, the 5AM wakeup call.

If you’re wondering where exactly to witness this spectacle, Keukenhof Gardens and the surrounding fields in Lisse are your go-to spots. Trust me, it feels like stepping into a painting, with every turn offering a new splash of color and a fresh whiff of floral scent. But remember, with great beauty comes great responsibility. Be sure to respect the area, keep a safe distance from the flowers (no trampling the tulips to get that perfect shot!), and leave no trace.

In the end, as I sipped my steaming cup of Dutch coffee, legs weary but soul immensely satisfied, I couldn’t help but think that sometimes, the best adventures require sacrificing a bit of sleep. And for those fleeting moments of beauty and tranquility, it’s a price I’d gladly pay time and time again. So here’s to the early mornings, the mist, and the magic of the tulips. May your alarms be set, your coffees be strong, and your adventures be as vibrant as a field of Dutch tulips.