Lapland’s Enchanting Light Show: When Clouds Glow

If you thought the aurora borealis was Lapland’s only celestial spectacle, think again. The Finnish fells have a lesser-known, yet equally Instagram-worthy phenomenon that could make you question whether you’ve accidentally wandered into a fairy tale or an alien landscape. Yes, we’re talking about the mesmerizingly glowing clouds that roll over the fells of Lapland like a disco ball had a love affair with the sky. So, pack your thermal layers (and maybe a wizard’s cloak), as we journey into the heart of this ethereal performance in Finland’s far north.

Unlike its more famous cousin, the Northern Lights, which prefers the winter stage for its performances, these luminous cloud formations don’t play by the same seasonal rules. The beauty of this light show is that it can appear when you least expect it, adding an element of surprise to your Scandinavian adventure. Imagine waking up for an early hike, and instead of the predictable sunrise, the heavens decide to throw a glow party.

But what causes these clouds to flick on the neon lights? Science steps in with an explanation less magical but equally fascinating. These phenomena, known as ‘nacreous’ or ‘mother-of-pearl’ clouds, form at high altitudes when the remaining sunlight from below the horizon interacts with ice crystals in the clouds, creating a spectacle of vibrant colors that can range from pinks and oranges to purples and blues. It’s nature’s own version of color therapy.

Finding yourself under a canopy of glowing clouds in Lapland is an experience that can make even the most seasoned traveler feel like a rookie explorer. It takes place in the vast wilderness of Lapland, far removed from the bustling city life, offering a moment of serenity and unfiltered connection with nature. Whether you’re an avid photographer, a nature enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a new cool wallpaper for your phone, this phenomenon delivers.

So, when planning your Finnish saga, toss aside the idea that all you’ll bring back are photos of snow and reindeers. The fells of Lapland offer a front-row seat to one of the most captivating natural light shows on the planet. And while catching the glowing clouds in action might require a bit of luck, just remember – in Lapland, magic is always just around the corner (or, more accurately, just above the horizon).

In summary, Lapland invites you not just to observe, but to immerse yourself in its otherworldly beauty. Between chasing the Northern Lights and marveling at midsummer’s midnight sun, save some time to chase another kind of light – one that’s equally enchanting, unpredictably timed, and a perfect metaphor for the magic that awaits in Finland’s northernmost reaches. Just don’t forget to look up.