Skellig Michael: A Glimpse into a Galaxy Far, Far Away… from Ireland’s Rugged Western Shores

Let me paint you a picture: rugged cliffs, waves crashing against the rocks, and standing majestically on the horizon, an island shrouded in as much mystery as it is in mist. This, my dear wanderlusting friends, is the view of Skellig Michael from Ireland’s wild western coastline. It’s like peering into a scene from an epic saga – and not just because it literally is (shoutout to Star Wars fans, you know what I’m talking about).

Skellig Michael, for the uninitiated, is an otherworldly island perched at the edge of the world (or so it seems as you gaze out from the mainland). It’s the kind of place you half expect to stumble upon an ancient order of monks or, at the very least, a couple of Jedi. And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. This craggy outpost was once home to a group of extremely introverted monks who, back in the day (we’re talking 6th century), thought, ‘You know what’s better than Netflix and chill? Isolation and prayer on a remote, inaccessible island.’ And thus, Skellig Michael became their home, the remnants of which are still visible today in the form of beehive huts.

But it’s not just the history that’ll have you packing your waterproof boots and attempting to communicate with puffins (oh, did I forget to mention the puffins? There are puffins!). The journey to Skellig Michael itself is an adventure. Picture rough seas, the kind that test your stomach’s resilience, and a tiny boat that seems to dance on the waves. And once you land, you’re met with a stairway to heaven – over 600 steps that those aforementioned monks carved by hand into the rock. It’s the ultimate StairMaster challenge, but the views from the top? Chef’s kiss.

So, what’s the best way to experience Skellig Michael if you’re not part of a galaxy far, far away? Well, you start by looking out from Ireland’s western coast. Let the anticipation build as you imagine setting foot on an island that’s as steeped in natural beauty as it is in lore. Then, grab the first boat you can and make that leap from imagination to reality. And remember, as you’re puffing your way up those ancient steps, to keep an eye out for Luke Skywalker, or at the very least, a puffin giving you the side-eye.

In conclusion, whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a good view (and a bit of a workout), Skellig Michael is a sight to behold – and it all starts with that first, awe-inspired look from Ireland’s wild western shore. So grab your camera, folks, because this is one view you’ll want to remember long after the sea spray has dried.